Projects for Secure Software

Project 1: Markovian Tweets. (Due March 9th)

The task is to take in sample text and generate a tweet (280 characters) in the style of that text using Markov Chains. For super-extra credit consume a user name from Twitter and grab some tweets by the person as your source material. Further awesomeness if you build a tweet-bot.

Project 1 Milestones

This task is designed to push you a bit. You'll have to figure out many moving parts to make it a success. Here are some mastery tasks you can measure yourself by and talk to me if you get stuck.

Project 1.5: QA on Tweeter (March 23rd)

Quality Assurance This markovian tweeter will be a center piece of a new ad campaign for your company. It will be morphed and used in many new products and it will learn from user data which might be malicious. Your job, as the QA team, is to take a deep dive into the partner team's codebase looking for flaws. Use the CERT rules and recs as your compass, so any violations of those go in your report. The job is to provide an actionable report on issues with the codebase that the developers should fix before launch and for the long-term maintainability of the project.

Project 2: Grok a PWN

Take a look at the exploits behind the 25 challenge problems at challenge. Pick one that you don't understand and dive in. You'll be able to find walkthroughs on the internet out there, but they are often too abbreviated, terse, or presume a ton. Take the first problem you picked and master it well enough to solve it and make a write-up that you are proud of and would have rather read when you started. If you select an early problem then you should do 2-3 if you select a later problem you should group up and ask a lot of questions. Select based on your personal growth.